Winter walking

Snowshoe walking below the Puy Gros

When snow covers the hills and mountains of the Sancy Massif it is a great experience to travel through the winter landscape on snowshoes. We cannot guarantee snow during your whole trip. But we can amend your trip so it passes through higher areas with more snow. But even without snow, walking is great in a wintery Auvergne. During your walk you might come across a herd of mouflon (wild sheep).

Winter walking at the Le Capucin close to Le Mont-Dore

You can alternate walking with for example a day of skiing or cross country skiing from Le Mont-Dore or Besse. And as with our other hiking holidays one or even more rest days can be added.

In winter it is possible to organise a round trip with or without luggage transport. But you can also choose to make different day hikes from one or more accommodations. Give us your requirements and we will create a hiking holiday for you.

The entrance Les Camélias, Le Mont-Dore in winter
Possible accommodation places: 

Since this a complete made-to-measure walking holiday we can only give limited information on the possible accommodations. The accommodations will in any case be very different in nature. They can be an apartment in a more than 100-year old hotel in a lively mountain village, a fairly secluded gîte d'étape or a family hotel.

As is the case for all our hiking holidays, the accommodations during this holiday will have in common that you as a hiker are more than welcome.

Price example: 

On request.