Horizons - Land Art

Horizons Land Art 2010: a viper in the Dordogne river

A unique walking holiday for Land Art lovers!

From mid-June up to the end of September the yearly “Horizons - Rencontres “Arts Nature” (encounters between art and nature) is being organized at the Sancy Massif.

During this period the in itself already stunning landscape is adorned with land art objects.

More information can be found on the Horizons website.

Horizons landschapskunst 2012: floating water birds in the peat excavation of Picherande

The art objects can be found at 12 locations around the Sancy Massif. They can be located fairly close to each other so that several objects can be visited during a day hike, but often the distances between the objects of this unique art project are too great to be covered during one day of walking.

You can inform us on your wishes regarding the daily distances and number of days of hiking. You can specify whether (partial) alternative transportation can be included in order to also visit those objects farther away. We will then quickly make a route proposal and a quote.

If you are interested in this hiking holiday do not hesitate to contact us. It is really worth while!

Relaxing on the terrace of one of the possible accommodations after a day of hiking
Possible accommodation places: 

Since this a complete made-to-measure walking holiday we can only give limited information on the possible accommodations. The accommodations will in any case be very different in nature. They can be an apartment in a more than 100-year old hotel in a lively mountain village, a fairly secluded gîte d'étape or a family hotel.

As is the case for all our hiking holidays, the accommodations during this holiday will have in common that you as a hiker are more than welcome.

Below a video of the inaugoration of Horizons 2015.

Price example: 

On request.